The Magic of the Cities.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pueblo Desesperado / Desperate People

Brave women and men, peasants from Veracruz, rising their demands in the city for their stolen lands, on the last day of the term of V. Fox.
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Kate said...

I'm surprised that no-one has commented as of yet. Give us a bit more background about these people. Interesting that the nude individual wore a hat to protect the head; anything else protected from the sun's rays??

Carraol said...

Hi Kate, they call themselves Movimiento de los 400 Pueblos (Movement of The 400 Towns)a former governor and senator at this day, send to jail in only 4 days more of 500 peasants and stolen almost 5000 acres of their land. From time to time, they came to the city to rise their demands for justice, but nobody pays attention to them. Sorry for the grammar and thanks for visiting.

Kate said...

Your grammar's terrific! And thanks for the explanation.

Carraol said...

Thanks to you.