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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Day in Teotihuacan. The City of The Gods

Teotihuacán is one of the major tourist attractions in Mexico City – a place that’s full of attractions. I urge you to go. It’s easy to get to. There are decent eating places out there and lots to see and do. There’s a museum and a cultural center and plenty of places to buy souvenirs. And if you’re feeling energetic, try the climb up to the top of either pyramid. At the very summit of the Pyramid of the Sun there’s a metal spike sticking up an inch or so out of the stone. Do what everyone did when we were up there - hold on to it and let the Pyramid’s energy flow into your body.

If you go with an experienced guide, one who knows his or her stuff, there’s lots to learn and see and think about. But if you just want to visit and take in the ambiance of one of the world’s great archaeological sites, then Teotihuacan is still enjoyable and rewarding.
Alan Cogan.


Kate said...

Did you take all these photos? They are awesome and I enjoyed them enormously!!

Carraol said...

Yes I did, it was a short visit because of the time, these pictures shows only a 50 % of the zone. Probably it takes a whole day to visit the place, the 3 museums, the botanical garden and of course to eat some typical food. Thanks again, its most appreciated. Cheers from MC.

Nazzareno said...

Complementos dígitos el suyo blog , son feliz ni repaso México City in su hermoso inyección :)

Carraol said...

Nazzareno, gracie tanti. Cordiali saluti!

Anonymous said...

great set of photos carraol!
i'Ll remember Teotihuacán

Carraol said...

Kris, Thanks for your comment and yes, Teatihuacan is a remarkable place.