The Magic of the Cities.

Zen promotes the rediscovery of the obvious, which is so often lost in its familiarity and simplicity. It sees the miraculous in the common and magic in our everyday surroundings. When we are not rushed, and our minds are unclouded by conceptualizations, a veil will sometimes drop, introducing the viewer to a world unseen since childhood. ~ John Greer

Monday, August 6, 2007

Police Park

A mounted police guards the Alameda Central, a public park in downtown Mexico City, adjacent to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, between Juarez Avenue and Hidalgo Avenue. The park is a green garden with paved paths and decorative fountains and statues, and is frequently the center of civic events. It was created in 1592, and has served several historic functions, including functioning as the site of the Spanish Inquisition's burning of heretics.
The park's statues include Despoire and Malgre Tout, by Jesús Contreras, and a monument donated by the German community which is dedicated to Beethoven in commemoration of the centenary of his 9th Symphony. Alameda Central can be accessed by Metro Bellas Artes. [From Wiki]


Kimmo said...

Great pictures!

I work at Sonific and came here to see our new playlist widget in action.. sounds good, Thanks for using Songspots!


Carraol said...

Hi, Kimmo, thanks all of you at Sonific for your great work and for this widget, I think is wonderful for all whom loves Music. Cheers from Mexico City.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Se lo ve muy elegante a ese oficial. Es la primera vez que veo un uniforme como ese. Es sólo para el parque? O todos los oficiales de policía de la ciudad de México llevan el mismo uniforme?

Carraol said...

Hola Fenix, en realidad es un traje de charro, un traje que usaban los hacendados, ahora se los colocan a estos caballeros para cuidar ciertos parques, principalmente con fines turisticos. Saludos y Gracias por tu visita.