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Monday, November 5, 2007

Diego Rivera en Bellas Artes

Diego Rivera. Epopeya Mural. (Mural Epic) at Palace of Fine Arts.

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K M F said...


maria elisa said...

Como sempre, fotografias excelentes.


Sharon said...

I really love that second image. The adults pensively looking at the art while the child plays, is a great moment! I'll be posting my images from Day the Dead soon and I'd like to invite you to read about the experience and check them out.


Kate said...

Seems interesting that I just visited the Freda Kahlo exhibit here and then see the Rivera post on your blog.

Miguel Angel Servellón said...

Hermosas fotos, luz perfecta.
Tambien debe de ser hermoso ver las obras de ese gran maestro.

Gwen said...

Would go too, to see this exhibition...I like Diego Rivera's artwork but also drawn to Frida Kahlo's paintings.

Jilly said...

Would so love to have seen this exhibition. Like others, I adore Frida Kahlo and have one of her prints on my walls here in France. Like your photography v much.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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