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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Political Campaigns

Midterm elections of July 5th. The sign said: Abortion a woman's decision. Vote PSD.

Press notes about this theme:
This decision ensures Mexico is observing fundamental human rights law. Decriminalizing abortion saves women’s lives and respects their equality and autonomy. We applaud the court’s decision, and hope governments around Latin America take notice
José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch.

"This decision is of transcendental importance, not only for human rights, but as a stand for the secular state against religious fundamentalism. It is a lesson for the future, not only for Mexico City, but for the entire country and for the whole region,"
Dr. Raffaela Schiavon, MD, is Country Director of Ipas Mexico.

(Paulina of Baja California state in Mexico became pregnant after being raped by a burglar when she was 13 years old. Despite obtaining legal authorization from the justice department, Paulina was denied an abortion at the public hospital. Instead, she found herself visited by anti-abortion activists and subjected to religious condemnation. By the time the hospital approved the abortion, it was too late, and Paulina was forced to carry her pregnancy to term.)


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Jilly said...

A great post with a very important message. I remember reading about the 13 year old girl. Too sad and awful. Love the photo.

Unknown said...

A truly awful story. I hope it'll chage peoples minds so that it can be avoided in the future. Great post.

Unknown said...

Fantastic composition!
We had a referendum some years ago on this controversial issue and the 'Yes'(legalize abortion) won.

Dsole said...

Carrol, esta fotografía muestra una sensibilidad extrema, me encanta.
El aborto, sin duda, es un tema espinoso, donde opina quien a veces no debería hacerlo y sin embargo tiene una gran influencia. Como ocurre siempre.
Espero que salga algo justo para todos.
Un saludo y buen finde (para lo poco que queda!)

Bob Crowe said...

So why is this illustrated with what looks like a mirthful - and male - mariachi? However, it's interesting to see how far back the Mexican Catholic church has been pushed on this question.

By the way, thanks for putting up some Steve Reich on your audio clip the other day. Not easy to find another fan.

AB said...

Me gusta la figura del hombre con su sombrero méxicano y su expresión alegre. Hace un contraste interesante con el resto de la foto.