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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sebastian's Horse Head

Sebastian was born in Ciudad Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico. He is not only an artist but also a man of science. His sculpture is visibly concerned with geometric forms and does not submit his geometries to logical symbols, but rather to poetic symbols. The sculpture of Sebastian, objects in space and defined by the plurality of objects in space, multiplies them and forces us to imagine a combination of proximities and distances, of comings and goings. Sebastian’s matter, his material, is steel, aluminum, cardboard, the industrial product bathed in colors closer to Bennetton that to Huejotzingo. One of Mexico's most prominent sculptors, Sebastian has placed some 150 monumental pieces in cities around the world, ranging from Buenos Aires and Osaka to New York City and Mexico City.

In the background, the winged building is one of the first skyscrapers in the Mexican capital, the “El Moro” building, 117 yards (107 m) height, which is one of the safest constructions in this seismic area, cemented over hydraulic jacks. This building, also known as Loteria Nacional, was inaugurated in 1945.


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u.c. said...

This is a very interesting and great picture. Congratulations for your impressive photos.

Anonymous said...

I like this photograph. I like the scene you shot too. I also like the name Sebastian. I don't hear that one very often.

Julie said...

another great photo and we learned something new and interesting. I like the St. Regis photo also. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my site about the solar eclipse photos. Also, If you like travel photos, we just put together a travel photos site at We have India photos posted and will put up new travel photos each Sunday. I strive for the people photos.