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Monday, October 11, 2010

El Mexicano

(Sculpture) by Rachid Khimoune. 2003
Borda Gardens. Cuernavaca. Mexico

How much do you know about Mexican people?


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irinapictures said...

Not much.
Mexico is huge.
"Weeds" movie.
Mexican soap operas.
"100 years of solitude" made the greatest impression about all Latin Americans to me, Mexican too. Besides the other impressions.
Manu Chao
Besame Mucho
Frida Kalo and Diego Rivera
The film maker of "Babel"
And my friend Carraol)

Pat said...

Muy guapo...!

Pat said...

Just realized I didn't answer your question. I have only been to Mexico across the border from Arizona, but found the people very hospitable. Ditto for the many students I had in the US. Know most of Irina's list!

Ana Manotas Cascos said...

Que original la estatua, esta muy bien.

Kate said...

A Mexican icon image or a stereotype? I've never seen a man wearing these hats in the cities or urban areas but perhaps in the villages?

Since I've spent several winters in Mazatlán, I know quite a lot about México, but that only scratches the surface. The history of your country is very complex, filled with both richness and tragedy. I'd like to learn lots more on a first-hand basis!

brattcat said...

shamefully little. far less than irina. much of what i know i know because of you.

B SQUARED said...

A lovely sculpture and a fabulous people.

Mi said...

Eu interesso é pela cultura mexicana, estudei os artistas mexicanos, eles eram uns gênios, fico curiosa de puder conhecer o México através das fotografias.

joo said...

To be honest with you, not much - only stereotypes I'm afraid!

Randy said...

Excellent sculpture.

Sciarada said...

Ciao Carraol, this is really a sculpture very beautiful for me!