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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On The Move

Mexico City is the third most populated metropolis on the planet, after Tokyo and New York. Currently, less than 20% of journeys are taken in private vehicles, resulting in a congested public transport system, which introduces environmental and social problems, affecting the quality of life for Mexico City’s citizens.
As environmental awareness increases in the city, so has an interest in alternative ways of getting around. The local government has established a 15 year plan known as ‘Plan Verde’ – the Green Plan – which takes action preserving land of a high environmental value, public space, habitability, water supply, air quality, climate change, energy, solid waste control and mobility.
As part of this plan, Eco-Bici – the city’s cycle-hire scheme – was created. The long-term objective is that 5% of the city’s journeys will be taken by bike, both reducing the strain on a crowded public transport network and reducing pollution. If this goal is reached, the resulting reduction in greenhouse gases would be the biggest of any of Plan Verde’s programs.
Eco-Bici provides a clean alternative for moving short distances. It is the first in Latin America and the eleventh in the world, following cities such as Paris, Milan and Barcelona. Intended for short and casual trips, the introduction of Eco-Bici into the city takes advantage of its cycling infrastructure and aims to increase bike-based activities. To further encourage bicycle use, the main avenue in the city closes for a bike ride every Sunday, with up to 80,000 bikers taking part. [This Big City]
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Monday, March 22, 2010

EcoBici / EcoBike

The government of the city begin the service past month. Costs: US $24.00 Year.
Bicycle sharing systems are increasingly popular and diverse. A number of bicycles is made available for shared use by individuals who do not own any of the bicycles.
The reasons for implementing bicycle sharing systems are as numerous as the forms the systems take. Recently and most notably, municipal governments have promoted systems as part of intermodal transportation, allowing people to shift easily from other forms of transport to bicycle and back again. However, for years community groups have promoted bicycle sharing as an easily accessible alternative to motorized travel, hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of commuting as well as enable residents to become healthier through exercise.

El Gobierno del Distrito Federal puso en marcha la primera fase del Sistema de Transporte Público Individual
ECOBICI, que ofrecerá a los habitantes de la Ciudad de México la opción de movilidad a través de bicicletas para viajes cortos e intermodales.

El sistema cuenta con mil 114 bicicletas y 85 cicloestaciones automatizadas, dispuestas en su primera etapa, en un polígono que abarca las colonias Hipódromo, Hipódromo-Condesa, Condesa, Roma Norte, Juárez y Cuauhtémoc.

ECOBICI es una herramienta de movilidad respetuosa del medio ambiente, que permitirá a la gente desplazarse con mayor rapidez de un medio de transporte público – como el metro o Metrobús – a otro, o acercarse a sus destinos finales o intermedios.

Este sistema ha sido probado con éxito en varias ciudades alrededor del mundo como París, Milán, Oslo, Barcelona y Zaragoza, entre otras.


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